Pakistani Clothes Brands Sale Online 2021

Pakistani Brand Clothes

Pakistani Clothes Brands Sale Online 2021

Pakistani Clothes Brands Sale

Pakistani brand clothes fashion industry has been upgraded all over the world and day by day expanding and with them being updated. With the technology revolution, everything is now easily available on social media, reachable to everyone. Because of this now everyone is aware of fashion and have improved their fashion sense. The things are much similar to each other whether we are in Pakistan or somewhere foreign. Pakistanis being Muslims not only cover themself in Abbaya and shalwar and caps on their heads but now they are changed according to present time and adopted the fashion. They love to live with beautiful colors and their cultural traditions are reflected in their lifestyles very well. They have adopted the western culture in a very elegant way somehow it’s been criticized many times but those people who adopted that culture never cares about others’ criticism. Top Fashion designers display their works on the ramp and hiring celebrities who promote their new designs by wearing and show on their social media accounts or attending events. Top designers of Pakistan are following.

  • Hassan Sheheryar HSY
  • Maria B
  • Asim Jofa
  • Deepak Parwani
  • Nomi Ansari
  • Zara shahjhan
  • Sana Hashwani and Safinaz Muneer

These designers with their brands work differently from each other no similarities are observed in their designs. They are very renowned for their unique work in the national and international market. They always participate in international fashion shows to display their designs and mainstream their styles. They all are very promising fashion designers. They launch their elegant and sparkling designs through ramp and celebrities. They have breathtaking designs and they target the market with their amazing styles. They work on the following outwears:

  • Wedding dresses
  • Heavy embroidery work collection
  • Luxury lawn collection
  • Bridal collection
  • Seasonal collection
  • Unstitched fabrics and stitched clothes
  • Festive wears collection
  • Formal dresses
  • Ready to wear dresses

Pakistani Brands fluently focusing on the working and styling of the dresses to make their customers glamour and comfortable. They work according to the fashion taste and sense of people and they do all that ladies adore. As the Pakistani fashion industry is day by day changing because people are getting influence by western fashion. As the western fashion interest is moving on a peak in Pakistan especially in the elite class of Pakistan so the top brands are putting forward the fashion of western culture.

Designers are forgetting the decency and beauty of Pakistan culture and focusing to upgrade the western designs and styles e.g. strapless and shoulder-less dresses are now very common. And these styles are also very expensive. The brands and our celebrities are trying their best to promote these designs being Pakistani nation they have forgotten their individuality and tradition by following the international trends.

Pakistani Clothes Brands

Pakistani clothing refers to the traditional clothing that is worn by people of Pakistan and by the people of Pakistani origin. Pakistani clothes express the culture of Pakistan, the demographics of Pakistan. Pakistani clothes show the culture of its provinces which reflects their weather, living style, and unique varieties. Pakistan’s national dress is shalwar kameez worn by both genders in Pakistan but the styles of dressing are different according to their province culture. These dresses are full of grace, colourful, and energetic. With time Pakistan apparel industry has grown much. Now there are many clothing brands in the national and international market. There are many top clothing brands in the market e.g.

As for women brands are;

Gul Ahmed, Junaid Jamshed, Cross stitch, Bareeze, Generation, Ethnic, Al Karam, Rang Ja, Sapphire, Keshia, Khadi, Nishat linen.

For men brands are;

Bonanza, Edenrobe, Khadi, Sapphire, Gul Ahmed, Junaid Jamshed, Al Karam, Amir Adnan, Ismail Farid, Charcoal, ChenOne, etc.

But the problem is many people can’t afford to buy from them so when these brands put their stock on sale. These brands are providing different kinds of stuff of lawn all over Pakistan and the lawn brands are following and people wear this stuff in summer because it’s easy to wear and softy stuff; Lawn collection of these Pakistani Brand Clothes.

  • Sitara lawn
  • Sifona Lawn
  • Noor collection
  • Rangoli
  • Riwaj lawn
  • Libas
  • Cross stitch
  • Ethnic
  • Dhanak
  • Gulmohar lawn
  • Bareeze lawn
  • Baroque lawn
  • Bonanza satrangi
  • BeechTree
  • HSY
  • Khadi
  • ChenOne
  • Alkaram
  • Almirah
  • Gul Ahmed
  • Five star classic Lawn
  • Florent Lawn
  • Lakhani
  • Maria B
  • Limelight
  • Kayseria
  • Sana Safinaz
  • Orient Lawn
  • Sapphire

Pakistani Clothes Brands

Now a day’s fashion industry is growing rapidly and many different platforms are given to promote the clothes new arrivals fashion as celebrities are hired by the brands for their new launch and award shows being held like Lux style awards and Hum awards and fashion shows like PFDC fashion show. Most people are attracted to these brands because of their unique slogans and logos like Limelight: Get noticed and Be chosen they are promoting their summer unstitched collection 2021 sale by highlighting the slogan “Summer Be yourself”. Brands are providing clothes in every style that can embroidery work or simple printed work, simple lawn or luxury lawn for summer and winter they have different kinds of stuff that can be wool or khaddar.

Sales on products are a market strategy used by brands to attract customers by providing extra incentives which help them to promote their new arrival and sell out their products immediately. Discount offers are used as extrinsic cues to attract customers by the marketing manager. Sometimes the price discounts harm the brand image because it loses the customer interest and sometimes the customer delays their regular purchase and waits for more discount offers especially on the internet. On the other hand, when brands are providing a high discount rate ultimately it infers the customer buying perception that the quality may not be in a satisfying position. And sometimes when brands are offering more discounts they provide low service and take a longer time.

Pakistani Clothes Brands

It is also suggested by researchers that teenagers are fancy spenders when it comes to branded products. It has been shown that young consumers such as college and university-going students are motivated by the need to hold and display status by wearing branded clothes. These symbolic products also help to improve social recognition and self-perception. If people cannot afford these expensive clothes then they tend to buy from sales executed on branded clothes. According to them, this represents a status in the eyes of others whom they feel are significant. Especially, consumers from the middle social class are more likely to be involved in status consumption to display their wealth. The act of purchasing branded clothes satisfies the many needs of the customers such as signal status, expression of identity, self-esteem, self-concept as well as an intention to impress others.

Girls are more entitled to buying branded clothes from sales as compared to boys. Social media influences youth to look good in physical appearance. They used to follow many groups and pages of brands on various social networking sites. Whenever sales are around they got excited and walk for shopping. It seems clothes are carrying very fewer prices which make people buy piles of clothes. Especially aunties buy a variety of clothes and keep for coming seasons. They use money blindly over clothes by overlooking the prices. Sales are the psychological strategies to capture the customers and sometimes to stock out the clothes.

Those who love to wear clothes of brands especially women who want to show off their clothes by wearing the brands’ clothes or renowned designer’s clothes always wait for the sales season to buy at low prices. It is happy news for them that brands have brought the product they want are out now on sale. People keep up to date and update their fashion lifestyle by this because they can also save their money in this way.

Brands focus on customer preference and target their need. These brands also have to maintain their relationship with customers to retain them and their loyalty to them. That’s why they keep on giving discounts to them also sales. Now the market has been shifted to online that anyone can locate them easily and always updated with their new arrivals. Unstitched, stitched both types of designs are available depending on customer choice. Through this people can avail themselves of the discounts by promo codes, coupon codes, and product codes they mention on their online social media accounts and offer the sales with 20%, 30%, and 50% discounts in online and physical stores. In online, they provide some different styles of designs and unique quality patterns of fabric that can charm the customer’s eyes and attract them towards the delightful color and texture.

Pakistani Clothes Brands

When wedding seasons are at the peak and are frequent so brands started to work on wedding collections and bridal dresses. Wedding is the grand event so the dresses to wear on these events are should be classy. So people prefer to wear a designer dress. And some people are brand conscious they sometimes wait for the sale or discount that will save their money expense. Wedding collections by Pakistani designers are elegantly designed e.g. Lehnga with a full of bright color and heavy embroidery work. Because of their sparkling style, they are very expensive because of the brand tag so when they put it on sale and offer discounts people rush to purchase them and this also increases their earning profit. They generate a good profit by targeting the people’s needs. As there are many different functions in wedding especially girls and ladies want to wear different styles of dress of different renowned brands so they look adorable and beautiful. On the other hand young boys are also very conscious about their personality and wearing clothes on that type of events but men don’t care much because they don’t have an interest in wearing different clothes especially they are not brand conscious.

When there is a party or any farewell function, teenage girls want to let the people know that they have a good fashion sense and they know how to look and carry the best outfit. So their priority is to wear a branded dress. Mostly they prefer the brand which is offering sale or discount so they can purchase the best one with low prices or which match their expense range. They look forward to the best quality and beautiful dress but with discount. Psychologically this thing has been very common now, not only preferred by middle-class people but also preferred by the upper class. And brands frequently offer these types of things to always make a strong bond with their customers and develop an interest in their brand in customer preference. This is a marketing strategy used by every brand. And brands prefer this to maintain their position. Brands have become a part of gossips between teenage girls and a group of ladies as this shows their interest preference and class from which they belong. And if we see with the time brands conscious are become appreciable. People love to carry them.

Pakistani Clothes Brands

In the current time, fashion designers are always ready to create new designs to attract people’s minds and their creativity level adore by the people. They all are in the race to create and launch the best one and are known as the best in the market. And when their old designs become old-fashioned they put them on sale or sometimes recreate or redesigned them. Fashion designers are leading the market with their talent and out-class productivity. Recently Maria B has launched her summer collection in Turkey with the collaboration of Pakistani and Turkey actresses, in which she represented the friendship colors and beauty of these two countries. People love the way of her summer clothes collection representation idea and her launching strategy.

Some brands now launch their collection with the representation of celebrities wearing their outfits with background music or a song. People are in love with these ideas and short films to attracting them towards the work. They name their collection with a beautiful and unique title like Ayeza khan promoting the new luxury lawn collection of a brand of Hussain Rehar and he named the campaign Roohi Dy Naal. And people are in love with this outfit and representing the idea of the Punjabi culture of Pakistan instead of promoting the western culture. Because they are displaying their new apparel design of Punjabi women wearing complete culture and our traditional dresses with beautiful colors and decent look with long kameez and shalwar with long dupatta like a chadar. Many of the other top brands highly appreciating and promoting the western as they are much influenced by their fashion style.

Pakistani Clothes Brands

Brands are working on launching different ideas like 3D prints are launched in the market in summer collection 2021. They have elegancy and decency. Every print is so beautiful and their light color shades are breathtaking. But are very expensive as they are first time displayed in-market brands will generate profit from their high prices and then after some time they will put them on sale for discounts. Vintage style is also so much in the market. And people love this style and outfit.

Meanwhile, Pakistan’s fashion industry has been on the rise for a long time. Not only this, it has given a platform for new talent to come forward and establish them. With each design house ultimately trying to find the main power in the form field, another name added to the neglected is ‘Mirusah’ established a year ago by Misbah Haider.

This is an unusual mold mark, which as mentioned by the owner is a tribute to all the hardworking ladies. Besides, it is named after the greatest inspiration that helped start the brand and allow the owner to fulfill her fantasies.

The current collection entitled “Spring Fling” is inspired by the spring/summer season and already here, it is ok to say that most brands work their way through with floral work on their clothes Mirusah has done the same. The exploited textures are jacquard weaved organza and cotton meshes with laces and cuts made on them.

The floral patterns are possibly going to attract shoppers as the brand remains consistent with its beliefs that every woman is beautiful and one of its kind deserves nothing less than unusual clothing in any price range. Focusing on women’s clothing, Misbah spoke to the media that women have a more noticeable eye for details, which is so vivacious to Mirusah. “From ‘head of design’ to our ‘quality check’, it’s all done by women.”

Pakistani Clothes Brands

Winter sale

Pakistan has winter season in between November to February and the brand offer sale in the start and end of the season. In winter sales brands sell leather jackets, uppers, warm jackets, hoodies, warm clothes, etc.

Summer sale

This season of Pakistan mainly occurs between April to July and brands offer light color clothes of cotton, lawn, etc. Now in Pakistan, this season is going to start so brands have already started their new arrivals marketing, major lawn sales are going to be observed. The lawn fabric is much loved in Pakistan mainly for every function so that people can easily find formal or informal lawn 3-piece suits for every day-night function i.e. parties, weddings, and other festivals. These sorts of clothes are normally worn by women. But the branded or luxury lawn is not affordable for the middle class so they wait for the time of sale.

End season sale

When brands need to sell their products and they have to launch or produce new season products in the market, so they offer end season sales to sellout their off-season products.

Pakistan day sales

This sale offers around 23rd march and it is called the Pakistan day sale to celebrate the national day and to connect with their customers.

Black & White Friday Sales

Black Friday is the annual retail shopping event, falls on every Friday mostly in large cities so many of the retailers tremendously give discount on their products for one-day and people move out from their homes to buy the products. And White Friday sale is offering against the black Friday that the Pakistani nation does not impose allegations on this many of those who didn’t go out on Black Friday sale they look forward to white Friday sales. In a month Friday is the day of sales and customers are blessed with massive discounts on fashion products and electronics. On this sale, different brands offer 50% to 70% flat off on their products

Independence Day sale

Independence Day sale offer near 14th august on this day different brands celebrate the day by selling out the white and green shirts and kurtas and many brands offer 30% to 50% up to and flat off. Pakistani people happily buy white and green suits for resembling the Pakistani flag, especially for children.

Some brands are offering these sales nowadays e.g.

  • Summer collection sale 2021 sale up to 50% off
  • Gull Ahmed Pakistan Day sale up to 50% off
  • Gull Ahmed Winter collection sale up to 70% off
  • Nishat Linen winter collection sale up to 70% off
  • Nishat Linen Pope up sale up to 40% on entire stock
  • Limelight Pakistan Day sale 10% to 20% off
  • Khadi spring-summer collection sale up to 50%
  • SAYA Pakistan Day sale 20% up to
  • Sapphire summer sale 30% sale

Pakistani Clothes Brands

Junaid Jamshed Brand

Junaid Jamshed brand is Branded by one of Pakistan’s most celebrities, the late Junaid Jamshed, J. or also known as Junaid Jamshed is an ethnic wear clothing brand in Pakistan that is beloved for its premium quality fabrics. Launched in 2002, the brand has opened with the ambition to make the Pakistani traditional Kameez wear popular in the world.

Junaid Jamshed brand is offering a summer collection sale 2021 up to 50% off. Their all designs are elegant and beautifully designed to attract the intention of the customer. Prices of J. are starting from 2200 in summer collection clothes. For a common person, they are not affordable and out of their reach so they wait for a sale to buy their products.

Gull Ahmed

Gul Ahmed is a Pakistani textile company that makes products and sells clothing through a long chain of stores under their unique name known as “Ideas by Gul Ahmed”

Gull Ahmed brand is offering summer collection sale 2021 up to 50% off. Their all designs are delightfully designed with ethnic print and elegant colors for summer wear. The pricing list of Gul Ahmed is starting from 3000 and their average price is 3500. The prices are high because of their reputable position and their clothes stuff.

Nishat Linen

Nishat Linen is a leading clothing brand in Pakistan for many years and they provide frequent sales. Now they are offering summer collection sale 2021 up to 50% off. All stock is delightfully designed to ready-to-wear or unstitched clothes and stealing the hearts of customers through their charm. Starting price of Nishat linen clothes is 3000. Most of the time people prefer to buy their clothes when they are putting their stock on sale and offering discounts.


Limelight is offering Pakistan Day sale 10% to 20% off. With modest and classy dresses with ethnic style and 3D prints all over Pakistan. Limelight is a reputable brand in Pakistan with its elegant work and decency. Their starting price is 1500. And the prices vary for different clothes.


Khadi is offering a spring-summer collection sale of up to 50%. Khadi offers sales and discounts frequently in their stores that anyone can afford their clothes easily. Their printed shirts for girls are much use by teenage girls. This thing makes them different from other brands. Their lowest price is starting from 999 and their average price range is 4000. Sometimes they provide free shipping on online stores when they are offering discounts.

Sana Safinaz

Sana Safinaz is offering an end-of-season sale of up to 30%. They are offering a discount on the winter collection to end their stock and start a new summer collection. They are ready to wear dresses for girls are much loved by teenage girls. Their average price range is 3000. Sana Safinaz is known for its popularity because of its market position and its brand name. They have launched their bold flora designs collection and Muzlin summer collection with decent designs and colors everyone will love them.


Trending Designs in Pakistan 2021 | Pakistani Clothes Brands

  1. Flowy Gowns

These beautiful and long Flowy Gowns are the trending clothing design in Pakistan or other Asian countries because of their amazing look and their elegant work and charming colors.

  1. Colorful Lehnga with heavy work

Colorful Lehnga with heavy embroidery work are much liked in Pakistan especially on marriage events and girls love to wear this dress it’s a trend. They look elegant and have different dark colors which look beautiful and charming to the eyes. Top brands work a lot on these typestyles and come up with different designs.

  1. Plain frock with heavy dupatta

Plan long frock of one color with heavy embroidery work on dupatta are liked so much in Pakistan especially on the party of formal events and girls love this trend. This style looks elegant and beautiful. And easily available on brands at low prices and when they give discounts so people put them in stocks.

  1. Floral cotton frocks with jeans

Floral cotton frocks with jeans are liked so much in Pakistan especially teenage girls and

University-going girls love this trend and easy to carry. This style looks beautiful and decent. And easily available on brands at low prices.

  1. Medium shirt with cigarette pants

Summer trend to wear in Pakistan and easy to carry is wearing a medium shirt with cigarette pants. People can choose to wear it on festivals or Eid in summer of their choice of color and size. This style looks beautiful and decent. And easily available on brands at low prices.

  1. Kurta with jeans

Kurta with jeans or trousers is a summer trend to wear in Pakistan and easy to carry. It’s a casual dress so girls can choose to wear for going to university or on Eid in summer of their choice of color and size. This style looks beautiful and decent. Khadi and limelight brands are much known in girls for printed cotton kurtas or shirts. And easily available on brands at low prices.

  1. Short Gowns

These beautiful and long Flowy Gowns are the trending clothing design in Pakistan or other Asian countries because of their beautiful look and their amazing work and charming colours. Some are floral and some have embroidery work. Some are short and some are medium hence customer choice and preference matter. People carry out the style which suits their personality and they love to wear.

As Pakistan faces extreme temperature conditions in Summers especially in June and July so peak rise in the sale of the summer lawn collections offered by different brands can be seen. People either belonging to the elite class or middle class somehow manage to shop from their favourite brands. So we can say Brands may earn millions to trillions in summers as the prices are somehow not very high. Mostly the designs of these brands are light-coloured and printed and the clothes are very light that is easy to wear in the hot summers.

Pakistani Clothes Brands

They are suitable for women as they look decent and one can see the liveliness of dress as this is not the case in local shops. Most brands offer Three-piece suits unstitched and they also have pret categories where one can find ready to wear stitched dresses and as they are stitched by professional tailors so people tend to buy them despite their high costs because it will cost them almost the same to first buy the unstitched in relatively lower price. And the other reason for this huge business success is Pakistani natives have somehow become materialistic and love to show off. In Pakistan, one might be considered wealthy if one wore branded clothes. Moreover, there is tough competition between different brands .one can get ideas from the campaigns, the more celebrity they opt for the advertising the more their Lawn would be sold out.

So their prices are some bit towards high ends as they have to compensate and make money. However, Due to these Lawn sales in summers, the money in the making is contributing a lot to the Fashion industry which indirectly is helping Pakistan’s economy to grow.

Pakistans economy is growing and the fashion industry has a strong impact. Fashion designers are doing their best and impacting a beautiful side of Pakistan in front of the international market. UK, U.S. Canada, Turkey, and other many countries love to carry Pakistani designer dresses and they also wear on-ramp or fashion shows. This is a great step towards building a Pakistan image in the International market.

Pakistani Clothes Brands | Conclusion

Brands offering continuous sales for promoting and selling out their products form a time to make their strong market position and generate good revenue. Sales mostly benefit the customers and fulfil their needs of any brand; at the start of the season or ending time on online stores and physical stores. All the brands are providing different sales on different products. Every brand has a different strategy to attract customers from all over the world in this competitive market. Some of the brands are in top position and well known by people because of their attractive sales strategy offering to their customers from time to time. Many fashion designers are promoting their collections in different and unique ways they always try to make and create a new trend. They create campaigns to promote their new apparel collection with different tags, names, and branding.

Pakistani Clothes Brands Sale

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